About The Monmouth Whisky Club



Welcome to New Jersey's largest, and Monmouth County's first, Whisky Club!

The Monmouth Whisky Club is a privately run club of friends who share all kinds of whiskies, food, stories, and a laugh or two. 

Does Whisky Interest you?

The Monmouth Whisky Club is composed of men and women from all walks of life who appreciate whisky. Some are experts and for others this is their first experience. Some enjoy visiting distilleries in the United States as well as Scotland and Ireland while others enjoy  YouTube tours.

The Monmouth Whisky Club gathers every month to enjoy, discuss and share Scotch, Bourbon, and all other variations of Whisk(e)y.

Our meetings are varied, some will be in members homes while others will be held at local restaurants or pubs. Some of the meetings include industry guests, simple sessions on distilleries, history, trivia, and other fun aspects on the topic of whisky. Due to the varied nature of our gatherings, additional costs will be determined on a meeting by meeting basis. 

Whisky vs. Whiskey

Do you know why some whiskies are spelled whisky and others whiskey? Are you puzzled by the difference between Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey? Where can Scotch be produced? What's Single Malt? Blended? What are the differences between Scotch and Irish Whiskey?

Do you know what countries produce whisk(e)y? Who produces the most? Why doe you drink whisky neat or on the rocks? Do you want to learn how to make cocktails? All these questions, and many more, will be discussed and answered through conversations and presentations by other Club members as well as guest speakers at our monthly events.

The Answer.

The spelling of whisky, or whiskey, differs geographically. As a rule, Americans and Irish prefer ‘whiskey’ and the Scots, Canadians and the rest of the world’s single malt makers prefer ‘whisky’. A simple rule of thumb is if the country has an 'e' so does their whiskey (United States, Ireland). No 'e' in the country name then it's whisky (Scotland, Canada, Japan, India).

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