The Monmouth Whisky Club

Glencairn Glass on Grandfather Mountain

The Club

We are  a group of friends from all walks of life who appreciate all aspects whisky. Some of our members have been enjoying whisky for years, for others this Club is their first experience. Some members have visited distilleries in the United States, Scotland and Ireland, others enjoy the video tours.


What do we do?

The Monmouth Whisky Club meets every month to enjoy, discuss and share a flight of Scotch, Bourbon, or another variation of Whisk(e)y.  Most events feature a speaker. These Speakers often represent the Distilleries or some unique aspect of the Whisky Industry.


Where do we meet?

The Monmouth Whisky Club is based in Monmouth County, New Jersey. We meet at local restaurants or pubs in Central Jersey, and on occasion at a member's home. On occasion we will hit the road and visit a local Distillery!